"Experienced , Professional, Reliable Masonry Services"

Comanche Masonry was established in 2012 as a commercial masonry business with the vision of creating a company built on serving our clients with our 4 S mission:
Service, Superior Quality, Safety, and Scheduling.



 It all begins with having an outstanding team.  

Project Management
We provide constant site supervision through our superintendents who oversee each project out in the field. 

Client Satisfaction
We take pride in our hands-on approach, which lets us develop honest relationships with our clients based on integrity and knowledge. 

Super Quality


 Superior quality workmanship is one of the areas in which Comanche Masonry takes great pride. We strive for quality in all we do and pay attention to all details. 



 A top priority for us is Safety. We have a full-time corporate Safety Director who is strictly dedicated to providing a safe working environment, not only for our employees, but to all personnel on site. Our equipment is properly maintained and regularly inspected. Scaffolding is assembled by certified competent-person erectors. 



 Schedules are attained through proper project management, job site supervision, and the efficient use of manpower. We are capable of achieving aggressive schedules. 


We offer excellent craftsmanship and work diligently to meet client’s specific goals for each project. We offer a full line of installation including structural CMU, architectural CMU, and stone, brick, stucco and EIFS. We are particularly gifted with outstanding stone craftsmen and can undertake almost any type of stone masonry jobs.